Created in Procreate and Adobe Capture - client wanted a couple concepts for their film and illustration start-up, called: An Inkblot Company. One design was to represent their brand, and the other, their brand on business cards.

Also created in Procreate and finalized in Adobe Capture - to achieve a vector design. This was designed for the San Francisco Marriott Marquis' specialty chef, Bernardita Gotis. She is starting her own at-home-line of products. These are to be used on her bottles and packaging materials.

Designed in Procreate - client wants to have her own online goth-inspired, apothecary shop. This is to be used for her banner/initial site image. I also advised them to utilize this title.

Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator were used to create this logo. This client, Peggy O'Kelly, of St. Helena Olive Oil Company was creating another brand called Ground. She wanted a piece that embodied the earth and serenity (Morocco is incorporated as this is where she intended to start the company), this was the final concept.

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