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Tender Flesh Plant Pots

TenderFlesh_Final Concept.jpg

Created in Procreate and Adobe Capture - client, Tender Flesh, wanted a realistic and stylized image that had a vector-like quality. The client creates, clay-based plant-pots and she specializes in eye and mouth sculpture attributes. A calligraphic font was desired and achieved.

Crafted in My Kitchen


Also created in Procreate and finalized in Adobe Capture - to achieve a vector design. This was designed for the San Francisco Marriott Marquis' Specialty Chef, Bernardita Gotis. She is starting her own at-home-line of products. These are to be used on her bottles and packaging materials. 

Ground • St. Helena Olive Oil Co.


Adobe Illustrator used for the creation of this ground and earth-based concept. Peggy O'Kelly, who was in an accident in recent years, asked me to create a concept for her Ground Morocco brand. Her daughters have since taken over her main company, St. Helena Olive Oil Co. and new logo designs have been implemented.

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