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A collection of digital doodles and concepts...

A collection of traditional works...

clown sculpture of pennywise the dancing clown
gnome elf sculpture creepy sculpture
demon beast horned sculpture

media: (above) water-based clay, dried and painted with highly pigmented watercolor

a dark and scary face full of horror and fear laced with blood and screams
abstract image with colorful splatter
satanic smile and devilish fear
zombie pinup girl without eyeball
spooky bleeding eyes.jpg
ufo alien friend and his little spacecraft
alien death of darkness
umbrella lady, colorful lady, rainy day

media: (ABOVE) brush pen on 140lb cold pressed paper

horned beast with a satanic smile
demon lady horned beast, horns, wicked
bloody face and blacked out eyes, evil incarnate

media: (above)

oil on stretched canvas

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