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Katie De Luca is an

interesting duck. She has

a curious nature and has

loved designing ever since

she was able to put a pencil to paper. Katie is very fond of the darker side of art, but she knows how to create fun, happy art too. 


She graduated and received her BFA in Visual Development from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, where she resides. She greatly enjoys producing environments, whether they be for animation or online games, or other platforms, but loves coming up with whacky characters with a graphic style too. Katie just likes being creative and would be happy using her talents in any and all forms of entertainment.


However, working on horror films and scary story driven media would be extraordinarily fulfilling!


Whenever Katie is not creating she is usually watching movies and thinking about making something whacky or is hanging out with her buddies, being a goofball, and also thinking about making something random and a tad horrifying.

Who is Katie?

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